Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I'm Back

Hi all, I'm Back from for a LOOOOoooOOong Time...
This is a present from Me~

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Friday, 3 June 2011


I came home from school around 5 pm, and when he reached the main road in front of my house, i look to the sky ..... 

OMGincredibly beautiful. because my drive a motorcycle, and was nearthe house, so my decided to photographed at home. my afraid thisphenomenon is lost, so my photographed using a camera phone.
and sure enough, a few seconds later, the sun does not shineanymore. truly an amazing moment. although my often see the lightat the clouds, but I rarely take pictures because my enjoy the the view.
Monkey Icon YoyoPs: by the way, my house is on the left.
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Sunday, 22 May 2011

At Tanah Lot~ Bali

Tanah Lot means "Land [sic: in the] Sea" in Balinese language  Located inTabanan, about 20 km from Denpasar, the temple sits on a large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide.
Tanah Lot is claimed to be the work of the 15th century priest Nirartha. During his travels along the south coast he saw the rock-island's beautiful setting and rested there. Some fishermen saw him, and bought him gifts. Nirartha then spent the night on the little island. Later he spoke to the fishermen and told them to build a shrine on the rock for he felt it to be a holy place to worship the Balinese sea gods.
The Tanah Lot temple was built and has been a part of Balinese mythology for centuries. The temple is one of seven sea temples around the Balinese coast. Each of the sea temples were established within eyesight of the next to form a chain along the south-western coast. However, the temple had significant Hindu influence.
At the base of the rocky island, poisonous sea snakes are believed to guard the temple from evil spirits and intruders. A giant snake purportedly protects the temple, which was created from Nirata’s scarf when he established the island.
The area leading to Tanah Lot is highly commercialized and people are required to pay to enter the area. To reach the temple, visitors must walk through a carefully planned set of Balinese market-format souvenir shops which cover each side of the path down to the sea. On the mainland cliff tops, restaurants have also been provided for tourists.
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Friday, 20 May 2011


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Unfortunately these photos I took using my handphone camera.
but it does not seem too bad, because this bus is very fast moving.

lately I'm busy, so not had time to take photos, and also a rare open a blog .. sorry if you comment, I have not repliedbut I certainly will continue to inform about everything around me.like this blog name "SomethingWhat I saw, I wanted to show You ~ "
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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sun Shine~

 Yep, as you can see how great the sun shining on the whole earth.what happens if there is no sun? I can not imagine
Monkey Iconin my countrynow is very hot. in one city in my country as well, reaching the highest temperature during the last 50 years. whereas in my city,the heat is more oppressive than usual. I even saw people who useumbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. actual sun was hot,but the heat was the one who makes more heat.

From the Indonesian meteorology and geophysics agency has warned people not to be surprised when faced with suddenweather changes. [such as for example, a sudden rain but hot air.]
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Friday, 29 April 2011

The rain water on the car window.

whoa, I do not like rain because of 2 things, first because it is very humid, the second because I do not like whiny people.

Monkey Emoticonson this occasion, when I'm going to school, rain come and kill my mood. so I made ​​this picture becomes darker, according to my mood today. please enjoy.

Thursday, 28 April 2011


~Executive train (Very Slow)~
I'm going to play into my friend's house near the train tracks. I havelong wanted to photograph the train, but always did not have timebecause I always drive motorcycles

 ~Express Train (Fast) ~
I took this picture with patience, because waiting for a passing train.There are many photos that I took. but less attractive.

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